The 'Self-Pride' campaign is about women sized 12 and larger having pride in themselves. It's not about glorifying obesity or glamorizing fat. It is about accepting ourselves for who we are. Anyone of any size can be healthy or unhealthy. Society constantly telling plus size people to lose weight over their "concern" for our health is the biggest crock of crap I have ever heard! There are so many health issues that thin people can have, and yet plus size people are always the ones being told to change and to shrink and to become healthy, whether or not we are healthy or not. You know what's not healthy? Insulting people and hurting their feelings and scolding them all because you do not like their size or their hair or their height or whatever else it's very damaging! Damaging someone's emotional health is very unhealthy! The "Self-Pride" campaign is to showcase the plus size women of the world. To show that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with us respecting ourselves for who and what we are right now, today!